Paso Adult Softball Organization

    The Paso Robles Adult Softball Organization (P.A.S.O.) was formed in 2010 by a small group of softball players including George Freitas, Bob Villalobos, Richard Zamora and Tim O’Meara. Our primary concern was the cost the city of Paso Robles was proposing to charge each team for a season of play.  The fees had already escalated to more than $700 per team and were expected to be increased incrementally each year to cover the expense of supervision, scheduling, field maintenance, umpires, scorekeepers and equipment.

    The P.A.S.O. Board proposed taking over those duties from the city while at the same time lowering the fees. We also proposed hiring two employees, an Umpire In Chief & a Softball Coordinator to oversee field preparation, maintenance, scorekeepers, umpires, equipment purchasing and the running the day-to-day operation of the softball league.

    Since then, P.A.S.O. has reduced the seasonal fees charged to teams, worked with the City’s Public Works division to improve the softball fields at Barney Schwartz Park, managed the scheduling of games, developed fair but competitive divisions and increased the numbers of teams participating.

    P.A.S.O. also coordinates a number of tournaments throughout the year.  Although limited by the number of open dates available, our tournament participation has seen steady growth, due in large part to the recent hiring of a Tournament Director who is responsible for promoting tournaments and team placement.

    The P.A.S.O. model has garnered interest from other cities’ recreation programs interested in developing and improving adult softball play. P.A.S.O.’s ability to make necessary changes quickly, manage costs, keep quality officials and solicit input from players has helped make the Paso Robles Adult Softball Organizations’ Softball program among the most efficient and successful on the Central Coast.

    To date, P.A.S.O. has ten board members, all active players, who meet each month. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, competitive & family-friendly environment for anyone who wants to play softball.

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